Saturday ride with Maré – 50 km

DSC_0179 (Medium)Saturday ride with Maré Bikers. The group met in Jaqueira Park and began ride at 6: 30h, with 16 cyclists. Led by President Eagle, aka Alexandre Carvalho, we passed by the Araçá Lagoon, by the International Airport, and went up the Guararapes Hills.

There in Guararapes Hills, in 1648 and 1649, the Luso-Brazilians fought decisive battles against the Dutch troops. At the top of the hills, there is the Church of Our Lady of Joy, which was founded as a small chapel commemorating the victories in these battles.

In one of the viewpoints of Hills, President Eagle decided to make the descent down a dirt trail on the hillside, away from the asphalt. A great descent, rather steep, and it becomes closer to penetrate through alleys between the houses of the neighborhood that is located in the bottom of the hill.

From there, we follow to the Boa Viagem neighborhood, following the bike path to the reefs of the city that make up the Port of Recife. By boat, we crossed to the old city center. After a brief stop for popsicles and ice creams, we followed back to the Jaqueira neighborhood.

The group was dispersing in approaching the destination. We are left five cyclists, Paulo, Silvinha, Zeca, Lizandra and Gabriela, who were trying the new little bar at the corner of Isaac Salazar and Sebastião Alves streets, together with some Heinekens and Budweisers to exterminate the thirst.

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