Ride Muribara Dam e Queira Deus Dam (72 km)

Route - 72 km

Route – 72 km

We have a group of cyclists that hates asphalt and loves dirt roads. Almost every Saturday, we did a tour in the rural roads.

This time, we left the Fleming Square at 6am, we followed by the lands of Brennand, we went up to the Cosme e Damião Metro Station, we passed by the Arena Pernambuco and we followed the trail that follows the Capibaribe River.

We climbed to the BR-408 highway and we made a stop at a small bar. We had coffee with corn bread, water and sodas. We followed by sugar cane fields to the Muribara Dam and there we took a bath. From there, we followed the trail of the forest.

Within the forest, the Ruy’s bike shifter broke. We pulled out the shifter and we decrease the size of the chain. Ruy continued with this one speed.

We crossed the forest and we reached the Queira Deus Dam. There was a small stand selling skewers, soft drinks and beer. The group was refreshed and we took a bath in the dam. Then we continue down the road of the plantation, we passed by the Engenho Queira Deus and we arrives to the BR-408. In the same bar of the beginning, Ruy and Moysés remained waiting for the rescue (Ruy’s wife).

The group followed by the highway to the Arena, Brennand and Poço da Panela to the Fleming Square. We ran 72 km.


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