A drawing of a bicycle

I love to draw, and I love drawing bicycles.

Drawing - Paulo Rafael
Drawing – Paulo Rafael

The history of Brazil in Paris

My brother, who is called Antonio but we call “Maninho” (little brother, in Portuguese), gave me the book “A História do Brasil nas Ruas de Paris” (The history of Brazil in the streets of Paris), author Maurício Torres Assumpção.

This is a fun book, full of sights for those qho know (a little) Brazil’s history and the city of Paris. In fact, this book reveals my ignorance about many things in the history of my own country.

However, the author writes unpleasantly sometimes. He despises the reader – as if we were teenagers of Facebook – when he compares historical facts with contemporary soccer players and sub-celebrities.

I am not to read in French these days, it’s too for my small head (for those who do not know, I study French). It’s better a lighter and easier reading. Although I have seen many French programs in the Tv5Monde.

A light holiday ride (25 km)

Today, April 21, a holiday in Brazil, I woke up late and lazy. Almost 11 am, I left home with my wife, Eliane, for a light bike ride. In part, we follow the cycleway of Sundays and holidays – but this cycleway is tedious because there are many amateurs. We prefer to make our own choices, our own routes. My favorite restaurant in downtown, the Villa Vecchia, was closed. We had lunch somewhere else. Then we rode many downtown streets – streets completely deserts. Cyclists of Sundays and holidays have afraid to explore the downtown, and they remain restricted to the route designed by the City Hall.

The Old Bridge

This morning, in my commute, I passed by the building where I work and I went for a little ride around downtown. In Recife, we have a bridge called the Old Bridge. I made some pictures there and elsewhere.


Ride Aldeia and Bar do Brejo (78 km)

Saturday, April, 18. Our small group of 6 cyclists rode from Recife to the rural district of Aldeia (Recife Metropolitan Area). We left at 6 pm from Square Fleming, we passed Apipucos, Norte Avenue, Estrada dos Macacos, Pau Ferro, Oitenta, we crossed the road of Aldeia, we entered the lands of Sugar Plant Petribu, and finally got to the Bar do Brejo. After eating something (“arrumadinhos”), we returned by the lands of Petribu, and we followed the dirt roads until km 7 of Estrada de Aldeia. From there, we continued by asphalt to our homes. A ride of 78 km.